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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)

Dutch-Bangla Pack Limited is a leading producer of FIBCs. We will supply you with the right FIBC that meets the specific requirements of your product.

Advantage of FIBCs

FIBCs, also called big bags, bulk bags or jumbo bags, - are the ideal solution for the temporary storage and transportation of dry bulk goods. This includes powders, mineral ores, aggregates and other ingredients. FIBCs have a very low packaging weight and are safe to use and available in various forms. In 90 percent of cases, we custom make the FIBC for our customers. In doing so, we take into account the filling and discharging conditions, the hydroscopic properties and the density of the product being packaged. FIBCs have a capacity of up to 3 cubic meters and several tons in weight. In addition, you can reuse FIBCs after a professional reconditioning or have 100% of the materials recycled. Because in most cases it is not necessary to use a secondary packaging (such as corner supports, a wrapping net or pallets), an FIBC is the most cost-effective packaging available.

The advantages at a glance:


Quality specifications:

Own production facilities


No secondary packaging needed

High-end and cost effective

Sustainable recycling and reconditioning options

Our Products

Food Safe/Clean Room FIBCs

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FIBC Liners

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FIBC Options

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Q Bags

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Electrostatic Protective FIBCs

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