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Type of FIBCs


When products are loaded or unloaded , an electric charge is created. If this happens in an explosive environment/atmosphere, it could represent a danger to life. That is why it is crucial that we take all possible measures to prevent this discharge. We offer FIBCs (big bags/jumbo bags) that are specially designed for anti-static applications and meet the requirements of international standard IEC 61340. Provided that these bags are used correctly and that the regulations are complied with, we can guarantee you a safe workplace. The anti-static classifications of our FIBCs are described below.

Type A:

Type A FIBCs are made of a fabric that does not have any protective properties against the build-up of static electricity. You can use this type of FIBC for non-combustible materials in an environment where no flammable gases are present.

Type B:

Type B FIBCs, like type A, have no protective properties against the build-up of static electricity. The difference is that the fabric material has a lower breakdown voltage (< 6 kV). You can use this type of FIBC for dry, combustible materials, but there must not be any flammable gasses in the area.

Type C:

Type C FIBCs are made of a conductive fabric. The conductivity is obtained by interweaving several conductive yarns. The various threads of yarn are connected to each other and come together at an earthing point. You must therefore earth this FIBC at all times. You can use this type of FIBC for combustible materials and in environments where flammable gases are present.

Type D:

Type D FIBCs are made of a special anti-static fabric with permanent discharge properties (corona discharge). They do not need to be earthed. However, it is crucial that the immediate vicinity (machinery, staff, etc.) is fully earthed. There are also restrictions on the relative humidity in order to safely use this type.

When to use Antistatic FIBCs:


Bulk Product: MIE (Minimum Ignition Engergy) of Dust

Non-Flamable Atmosphere

Explosive Dust Atmosphere

Explosive Gas and Vapor Atmosphere

MIE > 1000 mj




1000 mJ > MIE 3 mj




MIE < 3 mj




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