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Baluakandi, Gazaria, Munshiganj, Bangladesh.


Dutch-Bangla Pack Limited


Commitment to employees

DBPL regards it’s employees as its most valuable resource. We will continue to uphold the culture of the company by ensuring our employees are provided an environment to work which promotes openness, communication, safety and diversity. We truly believe the success of our organisation can be attributed to our employees' dedication, pride, and outstanding work ethic. The commitment and loyalty of our employees facilitates the success of our organisation.

Other than remuneration, DBPL offers a host of additional benefits to its employees:

The SA 8000 standard exhibits our commitment to Social Responsibility.

Housing facilities:

Dormitory facilities are available for the employees of DBPL. Within the factory compound there are two ladies' dormitories. In addition there are four rented housing facilities for men within walking distance from the factory, housing around 500 persons.

In 2019, the company added a second dormitory for female employees. With a capacity to house 168 persons, it is equipped with all modern amenities and provides quality accommodation for the women employees of the company.

"Happy Kids" - Day Care Center:

Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. (DBPL), in partnership with Sporsho Daycare, has set up Happy Kids, a day care center within its factory premises. The day care is situated inside the new women's dormitory of DBPL. Sporsho Daycare, which will be responsible to operate the facility, has been running its day care services since 2013 and has established a reputation for providing exemplary services in this field.

Sporsho Daycare takes  care of the children of female employees of DBPL, from 6 am until 5 pm on every working day. The employees who choose to leave their children at the day care during their duty receive the service free of cost.

Happy Shop:

Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. (DBPL), in partnership with Apon Wellbeing Ltd., operates a fair price shop within its factory premises at Gazaria, Munshiganj.

Named the "Happy Shop", it has 1300 square feet of floor space and runs a fair price retail system exclusively for the employees of DBPL, selling packaged and non-packaged food and other household items to workers at up to 10% less than the retail price in the market. The company employees are able to purchase goods on credit from the shop which are paid back by deducting from their salaries. In addition to allowing the workers to save on goods they already buy, the scheme also provides free healthcare insurance to the employees.

Digital salary payments and ATM Machines at Factory:

To contribute to the further economic empowerment of women in Bangladesh and to improve their financial independence, DBPL has implemented a digital payroll system for all its factory employees. In collaboration with Prime Bank Ltd., DBPL has also installed an ATM booth, at its factory complex. The bank cards provided to every employee also enables them to purchase on credit at the fair priced shop "Happy Shop" in the factory. Read more.

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DBPL Introduces Financial Wellness Platform:

Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. (DBPL) introduced Wagely, an online platform that will further help DBPL employees to manage their finances in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Financial challenges for middle-income workers

Managing financial worries is the number one issue in the everyday life for lower- and middle-income workers in Bangladesh as they are struggling to cover basic needs with little to no option to build sustainable savings. With limited access to conventional financial services, many are forced to turn to illegal lenders and loan sharks when in need of emergency cash to cover unexpected expenses. With predatory interest fees and little support for increasing financial literacy, many borrowers cannot repay their loans within the necessary time. The result is additional late fees that can quickly reach a multiple of the initial loan amount, forcing them into a cycle of debt.

The effects on workers are long-lasting and have only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing substantial financial stress that leads to a loss in productivity, higher absenteeism, irregular behavior, and increased employee turnover that severely impacts business performance.

Wagely: a financial wellness platform

Wagely's financial wellness platform is centered on Earned Wage Access (EWA):  the direct and affordable access to the salary that has already been worked for.  This means that employees can get paid on any day of the month. Replacing the costly month-long wait with Wagely eliminates the need to Borrow, creates a significant impact on a worker’s well-being. Moreover, letting workers see their earned salary in real-time provides visibility into their

Financial situation. This will motivate and help them to make  responsible financial decisions.

For employers, the benefits are equally impactful. Employers benefit from increased productivity, reduced turnover costs, and increased business savings by offering wagely's financial wellness platform to workers.

Real-time access to salaries

DBPL is thrilled to be partnered with Wagely as it allows our employees real time access to their salaries. Wagely would allow DBPL employees to take out a loan from their earned, but unpaid wages during times of financial need. Therefore, an employee can take a loan for 50% of his earned salary at any time of the month. At the time of salary disbursement, DBPL would pay the  amount of the loan to Wagely and disburse the remaining amount to the employee.

The service is a mobile app based.

Our employees can now track and access their earned salary anytime between the traditional monthly pay cycles - including evenings, weekends, and public holidays. Even only a few days after launch, we already witnessed the positive impact of Wagely's solution on worker productivity and motivation. If employees are suffering financial stress, that will not benefit us either. The goal is to change how people are paid, all the while making an impact that will benefit the workforce and the companies hiring the workforce.

Digital salary payments

Wagely is yet another step DBPL took to help its employees take control of  their finances. In 2020, DBPL implemented a digital payroll system for all of its  employees, providing them with a bank account to which their salaries are deposited directly. Additionally, all employees have been given a cheque book and bank card, allowing them to cash out their wages at their convenience or directly transfer funds to pay their bills. The bank cards are also used for payments at the Happy Shop.