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Protection of food (nutritional) quality and safety without risk of contamination.

Protection of form, shape and texture of the product inside: no physical damage.

Avoid contamination because of coatings and/or multi-layered co-extruded barrier liners.

Excellent quality control.

Compliant with international quality regulations, such as ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000.

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Working together

on the food safety

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Being active in the food and food ingredients industry, one of your biggest challenges is gaining and maintaining consumers’ trust in food safety. The right packaging can help you do that! Do you want your cocoa, meat, sugar, spices or other food products to still be at its best when it arrives at its destination? Do you want to optimise your business processes and reduce your production costs? Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. has experience with packaging for food and ingredient substances including coffee, dairy, barley, malt, flour, nuts and seeds, soya, vitamins, extracts, and many more.

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