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DBPL Cruise 2020

2020 started with a trailer of WW3. It somehow stopped as the Chinese friend got sick and this Corona virus thing happened. Looked like this is the year world is seeing its end. Now, tell me what you do with all this signs? Sit back or set sail? Well, we decided to set sail. Hang on!! We literally decided to set sail. So, the plan for the river cruise was final. DBPL family was going to have its first ever river cruise Picnic!

Schedule was to gather at the river port at 8 in the morning so we have enough time for the day. The morning was very foggy so it delayed the proceedings. However, a caravan of 13 double decker buses, carrying all of our 1,200 employees and their families, started towards the jetty with huge cheer from the employees. People were already in a festive mood. Wow!! Greeted with a welcoming face, the writer got on board as the last man. The ship started immediately and it was finally happening. Every corridor, archway of the ship was decorated with festoons, balloons, photo booths etc. All DB employees were there taking pictures of them. The weather was pleasant and the river was calm, just perfect to enjoy the experience. The triple decked ship had a different activity ongoing at every level. The basement was busy with lunch preparation, 1st floor was the dance floor with the DJ making everyone crazy and the 2nd floor for enjoying the views of the river. The whole ship was buzzing with excitement, with the brief respite for a sumptuous lunch. Post lunch session was the craziest. Omor set the stage on fire with his dance moves. Follow links below to watch Omor dance. After that, DB management awarded its employees in different categories based on their performances during the last year.

Find the photos below for some inside stories of the day.

Exclusive dance of Omor, the QC manager, can be watched browsing the link.

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